Our Services

Asset Acquisition & Divestment

The Arion Consulting Group provides asset divestment and acquisition programs across a broad range of sectors. The expertise and experience contained within the Arion Consulting Group and its associates provides us with the ability to manage and advise on acquisitions and divestments across the oil and gas, mining, agriculture and manufacturing sectors.

As part of our divestment services, we can provide:

  • Technical and due diligence reviews as part of a project evaluation;
  • Preparation of all marketing and due diligence materials including project information memoranda and data rooms;
  • Co-ordination of multiple interested parties throughout due diligence site visits; and
  • Reviewing and presenting indicative and final bids.
ACG also provides services for companies seeking to acquire projects across various sectors including oil and gas, mining, agriculture and manufacturing.

We have an extensive network, substantial research capability and can provide the most pertinent strategic advice using a range of valuation methodologies.

ACG is also prepared to consider direct involvement in acquisitions itself and through its associated syndicates in appropriate circumstances.